Corn Quesadillas with red and green dips

quesdilla 5Its mexican time again! The first thing I thought of when I made this tamatar ka bharta ( burnt tomato dip) was to make some more tortillas to dunk into them. I went a step ahead and made some quesdillas out of the tortillas. Traditionally the tortillas or quesdillas are served with tomato salsa and cheesy dips. But the burnt flavour of the bharta added immense taste to them.

I have slightly Indianised the quesadilla too by smearing them liberally with green chutney. Doesnt the green colour look vibrant? check out the little tips I have shared in my green chutney post.

quesdilla 2

To make corn tortillas, please refer here. You can also use any left over wheat rotis.

  • Totillas/ rotis– 6
  • Boiled corn, green peas or any combination of veggies- ½ cup
  • Cheese grated- a heaping one cup
  • Green chutney/ mayonnaise/ any other dip- 2 to 3 tablespoons
  • Olive oil- 1 to 2 teaspoons


  • Heat a grill pan, or any ordinary flat pan.
  • Brush few drops of olive oil on one side of tortilla.
  • Liberally smear green chutney or any other dip of choice on the opposite side.
  • Spread boiled veggies, cheese.
  • Prepare another tortilla in a similar way, and place both the tortillas one above the other with the fillings sandiwiched in between.
  • Roast it over a grill pan,by pressing them with a flat spatula till the grill marks appear. You can also use a normal flat pan,
  • Remove from the pan once done, cut it into half, and each half into three triangles. Serve it with tomato salsa or tomato dip and some green chutney..quesdilla 3
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