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The true spirit of Diwali is making and sharing good food. As kids, we used to look forward to the festive atmosphere much before Diwali, when mom and aunts gathered to dish out a variety of traditional snacks, to be relished by the family and also to be distributed to near and dear ones in exchange for some of their home made goodies. It was fun time, when we girls used to hang around and help them in our favourite dishes, tasting and approving at every stage of addition of a new ingredient. Times change and the same spirit is difficult to recreate in today’s busy nuclear families. But still, those mouthwatering goodies are just a phone call away. 

Shakkarpare are sugar coated crispy deep fried small biscuits. This particular snack is kids’ favourite for obvious reasons- sugary crispy and mini sized. I ‘healthified’ them a bit by adding whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour, and baking instead of deep frying.The deep colour is due to addition of cocoa powder, to give a chocolaty  twist to this yummy festival snack. Try this Cocoa flavoured baked Shakkarpare for Diwali, give them any shape or flavour and see the delight on your little ones’ faces. 


  • Hot milk- 1/2 cup
  • Ghee (clarified butter), melted- 1/2 cup ( or slightly less)
  • Sugar- 1/2 cup ( increase if more sweet preferred)
  • Cardamom – 2 to 3 pods
  • Whole wheat flour- 1 1/4 cup (may add 1-2 tablespoons to get the right dough consistency)
  • Cocoa powder- 1 tablespoon
  • Baking soda – 1/4 teaspoon


  • Powder cardamom and sugar together in a mixer jar.
  • Mix hot milk, melted butter and powdered sugar in a bowl.
  • Add cocoa powder,flour,soda and mix well to form a tight dough. (If the dough is too soft add little more four, and if too dry, add little milk)
  • Roll out the dough with a rolling pin to  little more thicker than a ‘paratha‘. Meanwhile pre heat the oven to 230 degrees C.
  • Using a cookie cutter cut into desired shapes, you can also use a knife to cut it into square or diamond shapes.
  • Lay them out on a baking tray , bake for 8-10 minutes. Keep an eye on them after 7 minutes, as they may get burnt easily.
  • Let them cool down, sprinkle some icing sugar and store in airtight container.

Wishing all my followers, friends and family a very Healthy , Sweet and Happy Diwali!! May the festival of lights brighten up your lives with lots of happiness and prosperity!!

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