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Does it look line an early Valentine’s day ?Don’t these these pink and red shades make a perfect picture for a romantic dessert? This particular apple rose pastry is probably most gorgeous looking and very famous pastry doing rounds for the longest time on social media. A single google search on it would yield hundreds of results, and here I was probably one of the only few bakers procrastinating from god knows how long, to try hands on. And if you are wondering why these roses are blushing so much, its courtesy the natural colour added by grated beetroots which made this look more glamorous.

For the Karwa Chauth, which falls on 8th october this year, our Healthy Wellthy group had narrowed upon red coloured  or a romantic themed dish. An auspicious day for married ladies, especially in northern part of India, wherein a woman fasts for the long life of her husband. India, being a multi cultural land, each region has its own tradition of celebrating such rituals. Not much of a fasting person though , the first thing I thought about was a dessert 🙂 . I loved the idea of making roses with apples  and when I attempted them I kicked myself for not doing it sooner. With the same recipe, you can make an apple pie too. Just use the pastry recipe as crust, and use the apples as filling . 

Recipe for Apple Rose pastry/ Apple pie:

For the pastry base:

  • All purpose flour- 200 grams ( approximately 1¾ cup)
  • Cold Butter- 100 grams ( approximately ½ cup)
  • Sugar- 75 grams ( measure and then powder) ( slightly less than ½ cup)
  • Grated beetroot- ¼ cup

To make apple roses:

  • Apples- 1 large sized ( larger the better)
  • Beetroot (grated)- ¼ cup
  • Brown sugar ( or white )- ¼ cup
  • Cinnamon powder- ½ teaspoon
  • Grated ginger- 1 teaspoon
  • Water-½ cup

Prepare the pastry dough :

  • Dry whisk flour and sugar till they are mixed well.
  • Cut butter into small cubes, add to the flour mix and form a crumbly mix with finger tips.
  • Add grated beetroot, very lightly knead to form a dough ball. This step is very important  for a flaky, crisp pastry base. Over kneading leads to gluten formation and a stretchy , chewy pastry base .
  • Cover with a cling film and  refrigerate for an hour at least.

To make Apple Roses:

  • Wash and core the apple. Keep a bowl of water with half lemon squeezed in it.
  • Using a slicer / sharp knife make thin slices. A salad slicer is best for this purpose, don’t use the thinnest blade, use the thicker one.
  • Immediately put the sliced pieces into lemon water to prevent them from darkening.
  • Heat  a flat thick bottomed pan, add ½ cup water, grated beetroot, cinnamon, ginger. Bring it to a roaring boil and simmer the flame.  Once the water takes up the colour of beet and turns dark enough, strain the water, collect the clear water in the same pan, add sugar and mix well.
  • Place this pan on medium, add the sliced apple pieces to the beet water, simmer for 2-3 minutes till the pieces just soften.  If the water seems to evaporate fast, add some more.To check for doneness of apples, just pick up a slice and if doesn’t break when folded, its ready.
  • Drain out the excess water and collect the apple pieces in a strainer.
  • Take out the pastry dough from refrigerator, on a flat surface dust some flour, pinch off a fist size of dough and start rolling it in shape of a rectangle.

  • Using a knife, cut long strips of 8 inch long and 2 inch wide size.
  • Place the apple pieces horizontally, slightly overlapping each other as shown in the picture.
  • Fold the bottom half of pastry strip as shown.
  • Start rolling from one side, till the end.
  • Grease and flour a cup cake tin. Place the rolled rose shaped apple pastry in a cupcake mould.
  • Make similar such roses and place in each cavity.
  • Meanwhile pre heat oven to 180 degrees C.
  • Bake the cup cake tin containing apple roses for 30-35 minutes.
  • The above recipe yielded 10 medium sized roses for me, since I had a 9 cavity mini cupcake tin, I baked all of them at once.
  • You can slightly make smaller roses, get around 12 with the same quantity and bake them in two batches in 6 cavity cup cake tin.
  • Serve warm or cold, tastes equally delicious and with a scoop of ice cream you have a party dessert !

This post is my entry to our facebook group Healthy Wellthy Cuisines , for the theme #KarvaChauthRedDish . For more Karwa Chauth Special red coloured dishes, please check out Shibani Hota’s Strawberry Daiquiri Minty Pomegranate Spritzer by Sasmita sahoo, Beetroot Phirni by Shalu Jain, Beetroot paneer balls by Rosy Nayak, Mong daal Dahi vada by Soma Mukherjee, Suji Halwa By Lathiya Shanmugasundaram.

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