About me….

048Hi , I’am Neelima and welcome to my space!! I’am a full time practicing dentist. Cooking has always been my passion, and baking which had started as a fascination is now crossing over to be an obsesssion.

                                A kannadiga, with a maharashtrain grandmother, born and brought up in Hyderabad and married into an Odiya family, needless to say all of those cultures have deeply influenced my cooking and eating habits. My earliest memory of a tasty meal goes back to Ajji’s (grandmother’s) delicious fresh meals prepared on traditional wood stoves. Her midas touch indeed turned any dish into divinity. True to my genes I can happily settle down for a bowl full of steaming sambar rice any time of the day, but am also crazy about north Indian cuisine.

The increasing inclination of kids towards junk food with the alarming rise in childhood obesity in society motivated me to try and recreate healthier food for my kids in the surroundings of my kitchen. I loved cooking ever since I can remember, but my humble beginning into the world of cakes and bakes started only after my younger son was born. I am a late starter and have miles to go, but am not in hurry as I strongly believe Life is to go ahead and not to run after. This blog is a culmination of my budding cooking and baking endeavors.

        I don’t have a sweet tooth and the experience of eating my bakes is most of the times limited to tasting. I believe in eating fresh and seasonal, and keep my meals simple and balanced. I firmly believe that just like a fashion designer who should create garments which are wearable, a food blogger should only write about those recipes which he/she believes in eating. As much as I am worried about the dangerous levels of trans fat or other refined carbs in the store brought eatables, I am also reserved about the exaggerated amounts of butter and sugar that go into the home made bakes. So I try and substitute them with healthier alternatives whenever I can. My blog will basically feature vegetarian recipes, with eggs making an occasional appearance. I will try to keep the recipes healthy, unless it’s a sporadic indulgence.

                My chief patron, my elder son, born with an extremely sweet tooth, is the sole motivation for me to start my experiments with oven. My younger son, though still not able to reach the kitchen counter, can smell good food from miles, and is another foodie in the making. Coming from the same profession, my husband and my soul mate is ‘the’ motivation behind this blog. An avid admirer and grower of orchids, kindly pass by his blog orchid mantra to find some fabulous collection of his home cultivated orchids. I also owe this blog to my parents who have always allowed me to be myself. They have instilled in me a sense of independence which drives me to follow my heart. My parents-in-law are the biggest reason that I am able to do justice to my profession as well as pursue my hobby without worrying about kids. Their grand parenting has inculcated some wonderful values in my kids which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Last but  not least, the effervescent encouragement I get from my two sisters and my cousin who are more of my friends, is priceless.

        When I am not littering the kitchen counters and raiding kitchen cupboards or running around my kids, I like to relax with books. A fitness freak and an impulsive shopaholic, singing, listening to music, art and crafts are some of my other hobbies. I am a person of few words and usually let my work do most of the talking, especially in my profession. Penning down my thoughts has always been a part of my personality. I would like to take this wonderful opportunity of fusing my two passions – writing and cooking through this blog. I am also taking baby steps in the world of photography and hope to learn the basic tricks of it soon. Hopefully my visitors will appreciate the climbing growth curve in me whenever they observe it. I would also like to meet my fellow bloggers, learn from their experiences and look forward to their feedback. My commitments with my profession and family make me predominantly a weekend blogger.

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